Starting Again, It Is Worth It?

I (we) have been blogging over at the site for the past few years. It has been fun to chronicle our misadventures and Epic Treks. We have traveled all over the southwest and down the west coast mostly on the backs of our trusty Honda Trail 110s.  What a ride it has been, memories that we will  cherish for as long as our brains hold out.

But time marches on and the trailone10 site no longer really encompasses the riding I do.  A good half of our riding group has opted to become more enduro riding focused and personnally I just don’t have the time or energy to get good enough to ride dirt on two wheels (but 4 wheels are still on the menu).

My passion on a motorcycle is the pavement, and if a little dirt gets in the way that’s fine too, but single track is off my menu, at least on two wheels.

As my passion drives me towards old strange fairings and quirky bikes I find I’m not riding with a couple of my brothers as much.  While this pains me I understand that we don’t always have the same goals and we don’t always see the world the same way.  Hard to say if this lack of seeing eye to eye corresponds with my recent loss of faith a few years ago or not (some in my family think it does).  Families can be complicated machines that get more interesting as they grow.

This year I really want to stretch the legs of my 1977 Honda Goldwing, the rough plan is to trek up to Oregon to possibly get a Langlitz jacket. Hopefully that would mean a couple thousand miles on the old girl.

More blogging to come when I get done going through sight words with my daughter 🙂

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We love motorsports and seeing the beautiful world we live in.

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