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Winter is the hardest time for motorcycle riders in Utah.  The snow and ice makes riding difficult and even dangerous.  This year we have seen a lot of snow in my neck of the woods and while the white snow is magnificent I miss riding my bikes to work and having two wheeled adventures.  So, I turn to random and poorly edited videos stored eternally on YouTube.  Most of these are videos of adventures I’ve had with my brothers.  Besides my wife and kids I count these times riding with my brothers as some of the highlights of my life.

The above video was a great ride on the 1984 Honda CT110s with one of my little brothers.  We decided to take off and cross the Nevada desert and meet out other brothers and ride partners in the mountains of California.  While it spanned a long and wide desert it was one of my favorite ride experiences of all time.  The video shows little pieces of the adventure, like getting lost on fire roads trying to get to Reno, a night ride we did not want to do, and almost rolling over a little rattle snake (as well as some good shots of my brother almost wiping out on some gravel roads near a railroad as we tried to make our way in to CA).

These videos are poorly made and roughly edited, but as I watch this film and others I’m flooded with memories and feelings.  I’m feeling my mortality more and more these days and good memories have become sweeter with time.

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