Where I Come From

Where I come from doesn’t necessarily dictate where I’ll be going.  Many years ago I got a hair brained idea to see if my brothers would buy some vintage CT110s and do an Epic Trek to the Grand Canyon.  We had a blast on those vintage Hondas and fell in love with motorcycle trekking.  I love all motor vehicles.  Motorcycles are fun and practical vehicles.  The only downsides being rain, snow and other drivers that don’t look for you when changing lanes or making left hand turns (yes that happened to me just the other day).  Motorcycles are easy to store, park and get great gas mileage.  Coming Back from Bear Lake

I’ve searching for years for a vehicle that could get me to and from work safely and get 100 MPGs and I finally found it.  My 2015 Honda Grom (yellow) continually returns great gas mileage and is hilarious looking.  Over the past several fill-ups I’ve gotten 115, 117, 112 and 110 MPGs and that just makes me smile.   VAPQ1479

I have a weakness for old bikes.  I currently have a ’77 Goldwing, 80 CB750 C, ’84 CT110, a little Z50 replica with a 125 engine, 2001 Royal Enfield Bullet and a few other bikes in parts.  I have my eye on a CTX700 DCT and really want to try that transmission out.  I love road rides and am a fool in the dirt (meaning I’m terrible at dirt riding as much as I feel the draw to it).IMG_0492

This blog will cover the work, rides and other such adventures I have on combustion fuel vehicles (and maybe electric if I ever take that plunge).  Stay tuned for some painful Grom treks :).IMG_0741

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