Looking for a New Pony and Great Grom MPGs

I have been shopping around for a Moto Guzzi or a CTX700 with the DCT ever since I sold the awesome 1980 Honda CB750 Custom after getting it back on the road last year.  That bike had some serious grunt for a 750.  I am going to miss it.

So the Moto Guzzi Stone is a beaut in my opinion, and I want one, but the CTX has that really cool paddle shifting that I’ve been dying to try for a few years now.  So I’ve been pinging different dealers across the states looking for a shop that was willing to deal and deal with an out of state purchaser. 

Through that process I’ve been in touch with dealers in CA, NV and MO.  So far I’ve had some good negotiations  with Honda of the Ozarks on a 2015 Honda CTX700N  with DCT and ABS.  We got within $200 of an agreement before things stalled, but they were great through the process (in fact I left them positive Google feedback). We will see where the negotiations go as they just contacted me the other day to say they were still working to see if they could make it happen. 

In other news the Grom is getting phenomenal gas mileage as it has gone over 3000 miles.  I’ve seen these MPGS on fuelly, but mostly I’ve been seeing around 115 or 117 MPGs.  So check these out, and keep in mind I am running the Brock’s Short Meg exhaust.  

Those are the last three full ups in order!  Admittedly on the last one I did employ some hyper-miling techniques :).  I am so impressed with the Grom, it can roll up a hill pretty strong at 45 MPH and can cruise flat land at 55 MPH.  I think it maybe the perfect city bike for those that do not want a heavier bike.  I love it!

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