1350 Miles Back on the 2015 Honda CTX700N  

Spent my Thursday flying to Dallas-Fort Worth and then to Springfield Missouri.  Everything went as planned down to the Lyft ride.  I arrived at Honda of the Ozarks by like 2 pm and walked the showroom enjoying the beautiful bikes and waiting for my salesman to be ready.  

Honda of the Ozarks

The place was pretty busy for a Thursday afternoon, and everyone was friendly.  I drank a water while checking the place out. Next was signing papers.  No surprises and everything was in order, even the temp tag was there.  They gave me bolts to hook the tag on and a Honda t-shirt.  By far this was my best experience at a Honda dealership. 

After paperwork I went to work setting up Power for GPS and phone.  I borrowed a screwdriver from the very busy service dept.  I was going to have service walk me though the bike, but they were so busy I decided I could figure it out, after all they gave me the manuals. It was close to 4 pm when I hit the road.

After a short episode of getting lost I was on my way to Kansas City.  Besides being like 114 degrees and super humid the ride was great.  I stopped riding just as it was getting dark and grabbed the closest hotel I could find that had air conditioning.  It was still hot and the prospect of camping in 85 degree weather did not sound nice after a long day and lots of sweat.

I had no complaints about the bike after the first day of riding. In fact the CTX700 has much much more power than I expected for a bike of its size.  I fiddled around with the paddle shifting and found it easy and fun, but mostly I ran in automatic.  I got a good start the next day after a yogurt in the hotel lobby.  The TV noted that the forcast was for 109! This second day would be a ride to remember.

I ended up riding for about 15 hours that day.  I crossed half of Kansas and ALL of Colorado! It was some beautiful country and I-70  for the most part was free of heavy traffic.  It got busy in Denver, but leaving Denver to climb up to Vale was spectacular even if it was a lot of traffic.  The traffic was not too scary because the bike had plenty of juice when you need it.

I gassed up just off the interstate near Vale, just above 10,000 feet, and caught my first and inlay whiff of legalized pot (stinky).  I hit the road again and saw dark clouds of to the south west, then the road turned south west.  I ended up riding some of the worst weather since the snow and fog on Mount Rainer  in CA.  I was drenched and freezing and had to find an overpass to change.  
I brought some weak wet weather gear that would not last the ride, but it helped for a while.  I got out of rain riding for maybe a half hour before I ran smack into a storm that would not let up until I was just outside of Green River UT.  I’ve never ridden that much crappie weather in my life.  I was cold and tired, and once again I grabbed a motel to stay in.  I would have pushed on to get home that night, but I was just too exhausted for that to be safe, and I needed to dry off gear and clothing.

The next day I slept in, and I fully enjoyed the last 2-3 hours of my ride. I left Missouri at about 4 pm on Thursday and arrived home in SLC on Saturday at just before noon, a little less than 48 hours of travel.  During the trip I got MPGS as low as 50 (only one time) and as high as 87 (coasting down from Vale).  I would say I averaged somewhere in the mid 60s mpgs. The bike handles highway speeds without flinching.  I continually had to slow down or I would find myself doing 75 to 80mph.  

This last week I drove the bike to work 4 out of five days and finally filled up at the Holiday gas station near my house and was happy to be getting the following MPG.

CTX700N MPGS Last Week

I love this bike!

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