Vintage CT110 s and Groms Team for an Epic Trek to Jackson Hole Wyoming  

Another great ride in the books.  The brothers pulled together for another Epic Trek, this time sharing part of the course with the Lotaja racers.

The ride started Friday afternoon and would end with all of the party making it safely to their homes early Sunday evening.

We climbed mountain passes, saw yaks, several reservoirs, got rained on, rode dirt roads against our wishes, got in some night riding, camped, slept in a crappie hotel and even experienced a 4.6 earthquake in Soda Springs ID!

My brother and the rainbow

We pushed the bikes through Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and then back till Utah.  Much of the ride was WOT and all the bikes held up wonderfully.  The Trail 110 could not compete with the speed of the Groms but it was close close enough that the ride was still a blast. The Groms also won the MPG battle averaging in the 115 range fully loaded and “straining the limits of machine and man.”

Last MPGS of the Jackson Epic Trek

I am telling everyone that has not tried managing momentum on a Grom the experience really is unique and wonderful.  There is nothing like cruising down a beautiful canyon on a small bore motorcycle.

Getting some altitude

Fall weather was in the air and we did see some changing color on some trees, but it was just starting.  The cool air required some bundling up, Just on with his leather chaps and Jared with his fifteen layers of clothing, we made it just fine – until that first evening when it got cold.

Jared ’15 cabin in WY

So much beautiful territory in UT, WY and ID.  Canyon after canyon, reservoir after reservoir.

Dinner at a Diner in Kamas

There is nothing in the world better than spending s few day riding motorcycles across this great country with your family.

The Grom Hit 5K

And bigger news, a big order from Cobrra got placed and we are legally in business, so if you need a chain oiler let us know!

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