Subaru Brat is Awesome!


So, About a month and a half ago I got a wild hair in my head to buy an ’03 Subaru Baja, and it was located about 2000 miles away in Philadelphia!  That meant a flight and a couple Lyft rides before my oldest son and I were on our way back to Utah.


Getting on the road was great, weather was perfect for January and we missed the storm from the previous week.


We saw some cool things, but mostly the goal was to get home as quickly as possible.  This fact was hard on my son, but I think he enjoyed eating out multiple times a day and seeing vast parts of the country.

We ended up taking I70 most of the way as it was a pretty straight shot and we thought it might be lighter on the weather side of things.  When we hit Denver it was pretty snowy and getting through the mountains was out of the question.  So we headed north to get to I80.  The road north was crazy snowy in places, but the all wheel drive did superbly.  Why had it taken me this long to get a Subaru?  The thing was so steady on the squishy slick roads.

This picture does not show the rough stuff we drove through at all.

Laramie was no better than Colorado and while fueling up there was a big accident that effectively closed I80 for the rest of the day and that meant watching the playoffs (seeing the Eagles look great) and delaying our arrival by another day.


You can’t really tell how cold it was, but the wind in Laramie was unrelenting!


Amazing ice formations grew on the sides of the Baja.

Since then I’ve been enjoying driving this little Four-Banger and even ordered a 4″ lift kit from Anderson Design & Fabrication, can not wait to get that installed and head to Moab.

Now I’m enjoying the functionality of this tiny truck like thing.  Helps so much with moving things!

One of my buddies from work that helped me load the Grom into the back of the Baja.
Might be able to fit two Groms back there!

You can see my first generation Fuel Mule on the back of the Grom.  We are selling a lot of Fuel Mules for the Optimus 1 liter bottles and the Primus 1.5 liter bottles.  Most of the sales are going through eBay, but the best deals are at our Best Damn Chain Oiler site.

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