Weird Season, Great Start to the Year!

Winter in Utah has been so strange this year!  In fact I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a winter quite like this one, it was full of warm-for-the-season weather and several days that I was able to image5.jpgdrive the Grom or CTX700N to work with not too much chill.  We’ve been dying to get an Epic Trek planned and have some ideas in the making, but we’ll wait a bit before we admit to what we are going to do this time.

Besides getting the bikes out this winter, we’ve been selling the Fuel Mules like crazy!  We’ve ended up focusing on the carriers for the 1 liter Optimus bottle and the 1.5 liter Primus bottle as it seems like most adventure riders want those sizes (shipping is free from our website which makes them a better deal than from eBay or Etsy).  Dan and I personally run the .75 liter bottles on the Groms and so far that seem more than adequate due to the range and fuel efficiency of that particular bike.  We’ve even sold Fuel Mules to people that were using them for camp stove fuel storage in their camp mobile (can’t wait to post those pictures).

Allan Karl, the World Rider got his sponsored Cobrra Nemo 2 from us and even mentioned us on his sponsor page (and our Nemo 2s are always cheaper that Best Rests!).  World Rider seems like a class act and has done some serious riding in places we will never reach (read his testimonial about the Nemo 2, very interesting).  He shot us some pictures of his first bike, that is in Greece, sporting the Cobrra Nemo 2 (below).  Looks great on his BMW!



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