Some Customer Pictures Start to Roll In!

So we have been selling the Fuel Mule and the Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain oilers for some time now (maybe 5 or 6 months) and we are pleased as can be that people seem to be very  happy with the products and their performance.

The best Chain Lubrication System for Motorcycles or ATVs

My favorite story is from one of our first sales of the Fuel Mule.  It was purchased for use on a vintage enduro bike and our customer contacted us to report that the Fuel Mule was working great and had even withstood a wreck that dented his fuel bottle.  He ordered another Fuel Mule (that’s the testament in my opinion).

Fuel Mule by Epic Trekker, Hand Made in USA by Americans!

A couple more recent customers provided pictures of Fuel Mules and Cobrra Nemo 2s mounted on bikes for our viewing pleasure.  The fun thing is that we get to see how creatively the different items get mounted and learn of how versatile a tool both products are.  Check this out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cobrra looks just awesome on that bike!  And look how the Fuel Mule was added on to the Molle tabs!  So cool!  These bikes look ready for spring.  Thanks customers for the pictures of your motorcycles all decked out adventure style and for being willing to try out our products!

If you need either of these items they can be purchased on eBay, Etsy or through our site (free shipping from our site!)

Trek Safely!

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