As a Grom Rider Should I Take Offense?

I came across a video today that really said some stuff about Grom riders.  It was after I had been communicating with a dude from Sydney, Australia.  This guy was getting ready to do an engine swap on his CT110 (or Postie bike in Aussie-ease) and had seen a couple of my amateur videos.  Anyway I went to pull up and provide him a link to a product that I thought he might want to see as he preps to do this project.

Groms and CT110s on Tour!

I really love that people all over the world enjoy these strange little bikes (both CT110s and Groms) and how amazing is it that the internet puts us in the perfect spot to share knowledge. I’m old enough to remember not having the internet.

So, anyway, I remember I got my mount kit from TBolt USA and I navigated to their site, found the part I recommend to the guy, and as I’m scrolling down I look below the product and there is my mount video!  I had no idea anyone was even using it (or seeing it for that matter :).  So cool!

Anyway that got me on YouTube, a company I am kind of frustrated with these days, and that is when I found this little gem of a video making some very true statements about Grom riders and their fascination with these ridiculous and amazing bikes:

Honest to goodness reality check in this vid.  It cracked me up!  People are hilarious.          I subscribed to his channel.



Fuel Mule                                                                                                               Cobrra Nemo 2

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