It’s on! I Found my Alaska Steed!

One of my brothers just got amazing and unexpected spousal approval to do an Epic Trek to Alaska next year!  This is something we have talked about in day-dreamy ways for years.  The last frontier, moose, bear, trees and mountains, Alaska is everything we love and doing it on a motorcycle is in our opinion the pinnacle of riding.

We started talking and the plan that evolved was to start prepping for next year since we have read that the Alaska trek demands a fair amount of time to adequately prep for.  I thought we would spend several months figuring out what bikes we would like and how to equip them for the trip.

So about two weeks into the process my bro texts me that he’s driven several BMW bikes and that he thinks the F1150GS is doable.  Next thing I know he’s sending pics of an enormous beast of a bike in the back of his truck!


What a bike!  It blew me away that he acted so fast.

A Beemer GS! Holy Crap that’s BIG!

And of course that meant I was on the hook to find my next grand touring machine.  I had been wanting to get a GS too for sometime.  I’ve never had a Beemer and this looked like just the perfect time to give BMW a chance and to really get to know the bike.

I started looking locally and even found one that I really wanted, but the timing was off and the bike sold.  Being the patient person that I am I turned to eBay and found the ex-police bikes.  Eventually I kind of fell in love with a 2007 R1200RTP with 64k on the dial.  I dropped an offer that was really pretty low and continued looking.

The idea was that I could possibly pick up one of these retired police bikes at the right price and make it look something like this:


Not quite a GS, but suitably powered and comfortable for a really long trip.

Alaska is a bucket list ride for me and my brother so doing the trip on something comfortable is pretty important and you have to bring lots of stuff.  Also, checking off a BMW from my owned bike list is cool too.

Amazingly, I checked my email the next day and the eBay seller accepted my offer and I was the proud new owner of this:fullsizeoutput_34cfullsizeoutput_34dfullsizeoutput_34afullsizeoutput_349

I really can’t wait to see and ride Stubby in person, and then I can’t wait to deck it out for this trip.  Updates on the Alaska RTP bike build to come…

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