Selling Cobrra Nemo 2s and Getting the Beemer ready for Alaska 2019


I’ve been yanking the plastics for some skinning and learning lots about my 2007 BMW R1200RTP.  Since it is a former police bike it has lots of cut wires and wear and tear.  The above fuel leak was discover while I had the plastic off on the left side for a fiberglass repair and I just happened to want to take it for a ride in the church parking lot next to my house.  LCyreiHYR8KxMLJq6b6jBg

While riding I smelled the smell of gasoline vapor but didn’t think much about it until I got back to the driveway and saw the very fine spray of fuel (seen above in the video).  All old bikes have their quirks and odd issues.  Part of the fun of driving an old bike is trying to figure them out before you have a problem so you can enjoy the ride.


Every bike I’ve worked on has taught me something.  Sometimes it is a new way to solve a problem and sometimes it is that I can do things I never knew I could.  Playing with these vehicles is serious business, but it is something most of us can do with a good manual, the right tools and some time on YouTube ;).

On this bike I’ve lowered the pegs,


Raised the handlebars,


Next I need to fix the fuel leak and get the vinyl skin put on the right way.  More videos coming up on those soon.


All this stuff sponsored by Cobrra Nemo2 the best damn chain oiler in the world.


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