Said Goodbye to the CTX700 and Grom, but Hello to a 2013 Honda NC700X

Picked this up for a very fair price last week and have started modifying it for Alaska.

It only has 3000 miles on it which for a 2013 seems very low.  I drove it home about 60 miles and have since put another 90 miles on it.  It runs great and the power is just like my CTX700N (of course).

I’ve started getting it ready by making some modifications:

It came with a Two Brothers exhaust so I put it on.  Very nice sound.

Added a Cobrra Nemo2 chain oiler which looks great!

Today I got new levers and a sweet Atlas throttle lock:


Really excited to see what this does for long ride comfort.  Last but not least, I added some power ports to the trunk.

Really can’t wait to load this bike up and take a good long ride.  I won’t have wait long as my brother wants to go see the tallest sheer cliff in UT, Notch Peak.  We will ride, hike and camp and do it all in just a couple days.  Stay tuned…

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