T – 1 day till we ride to Alaska!

Fuel Mules? Check! Documents? Check! Lots of packing and preparation is done and the butterflies are fluttering in my gut.

With all the different Epic Treks we have travelled this one is unique. Bigger bikes than ever, longer distance than ever and most days on the bike. If all goes as planned we will travel some 5000 miles in around ten days.

What to pack? Clothes, first aid, tools, cables, tech, wet weather gear, tent and sleep gear. It is a lot. It will be amazing if we don’t forget too much.

It is looking like my amphibious bag will fit all my gear just fine (unless I’m forgetting something!). I’m liking how it looks and feels and pretty excited to try it out.

This Dan’s bike getting packed up right now.

So far this is what I’ve got:

So exciting! Will check in tomorrow and try to capture the essence.

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