It rained for like 5 hours!!

We were prepared for this, but it still wears on a rider. The roads and scenery have been phenomenal in Canada, but the rain and temps have been working on us.

We have been amazed at the riders in Canada, so many wet riders have I never seen on the road! Harley’s, Beemers and everything else.

We stayed the night in a hotel to dry out gear and warm our extremities.

And had a great late dinner at the Village Idiot.

Border crossing was easy and the wait to get in relatively short (and border guards were cool). Is the grass greener on the Canadian side? You tell me!

We see lake after lake and follow winding rivers on smooth asphalt everywhere.

Everything is a shade of green, blue or grey.

Except for the flowers that are in bloom everywhere.

Published by Epic Trekker

We love motorsports and seeing the beautiful world we live in.

One thought on “It rained for like 5 hours!!

  1. It was great seeing your pictures, Tyson! Keep posting them. Hope you are doing OK. When you get back you will need a vacation from your vacation!

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