Carnage in Canada

Canada is big? Way bigger than I could have fathomed before I arrived here. Maybe it is our American pride that makes us think USA is the biggest in everything, but Canada is huge!

The people and roads have been impressively friendly. The bikers are a mix of Harley and cruisers and adventure and sport tourers. We have even seen a small Honda scooter loaded and touring! There are even quite a few people out touring on bicycles!

But these same wonderful roads can also contain lurking danger from the dense foliage. On day two a ground squirrel ran out and I could do nothing but cringe as my tires bumped over him and my Sena sounded with the voice of my brother laughing hysterically.

The hills and twisted roads make for exceptional motorcycleing, but the birds! The birds keep committing suicide into our bikes! One hit me and another was decapitated by Dan’s wheel. Nothing intentional mind you. And while we are sorry about the animals we are glad it wasn’t a moose or bear or dear or porcupine. All of which we have seen near the roads.

Published by Epic Trekker

We love motorsports and seeing the beautiful world we live in.

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