Over the Border and Through the Woods!

The day started late and since we had talked to a fellow rider that recommended Tim Hortons as the breakfast joint of Canada we decided to find out.

The trip was worth it. Before we even got in the shop we witnessed a drug deal! But inside Tim Hortons the vibe was all family and the food was good and Dan said the coffee was too.

It was a pleasant change for breakfast since we had been subsisting primarily on McSweeny’s beef and cheese sticks (hey they are keto friendly).

Then it was off to the border!

We waited in the line sweating until Dan accidentally hit the throttle and nearly wheelied into a couple cars. He saved it barely, but we laughed about it for the next ten minutes. Anyone who has a DCT knows how this can happen.

Then it was gear up for rain, again. We missed most of the rain, trailing slightly behind it. But on out way to YAkima we found it big time.

It was a lot more driving before took a break and ate more beef sticks and caffeine.

And the it was off to a hotel before the biggest miles of our trip!

more tomorrow…

Published by Epic Trekker

We love motorsports and seeing the beautiful world we live in. bestdamnchainoiler.com

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