Shout out to Eye Candy Customs in Smithers, BC

Well dang-it-all sometimes you can’t have everything you want!  This trip to Alaska was friggin amazing, but not without adversity.  Heck, that’s part of why people ride motorcycles, right?  The challenge is part of the fun and the allure.

Bald tire?

After about only 4-5000 miles this darn back tire pooped out on my 2019 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT.  IMO that is just not enough life for a decent tire.  Dan’s Africa Twin was dealing with the same problem with only about 1000 miles more on his stock tires.  So in Smithers, BC we went a looking for tires at the local Honda shop, but no-go.  They only deal in dirt machines!  However the good guys there pointed us towards Eye Candy Customs.  Good thing they did, because we would have totally overlooked this shop that specializes in customs and Harleys (they had some beauties they were working on).

Just about to get help from Smokey Man

So lucky to find this place!  They just happened to have two sets of Africa Twin take-offs and for a fair price and in quick time the bikes were happy on new shoes!

Sam was who we dealt with and he is the kind of guy that makes you want to stop by anytime you are in Smithers, even if you don’t have a bike problem.  He knows bikes and shares information freely.  Any adventure riders out there that run into trouble should look him up just incase he can save you a long ride to a bigger city.  Thanks Sam!

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