The Miraculous Meeting in Kitwanga, BC

Like finding a needle in a haystack we planned on trying to meet up with our other riding brothers (on a 30 day trip).  The odds of the timing working out for this kind of meeting were slim we knew, but we were going south on the Africa Twins and they were going north on the BMWs.  We were the first to arrive and we thought we were way too late to make it happen.


A gas station was our best bet at finding them.  As it happened we gassed up, moved our bikes to the shade took a look at the map and next thing we knew they were pulling up!


We chatted and planned to get dinner together, but no food was available for us.  After a good talk we watched the Beemers pull off and go north and with heavy heart we got ready for our journey south.

What a ride!

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We love motorsports and seeing the beautiful world we live in.

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