Time for Another Adventure!

It has been awhile since we got back from Alaska/Canada and it is time for another Epic adventure.  This time we will be trekking on ancient ’80s machines.

Yamaha TriMoto 225DR

And this Honda Beauty:

There is something about it not really being adventure if you are in complete control of the situation and that is probably why we are doing this trek on 80’s three wheelers.

Truth be told my brother didn’t even want to ride his Honda ATC after the last day trip he did on it.  He said his back was sore for a week :).  (His ATC has no suspension in back and combined with the low handle bars equals a perfect storm)

So far I’ve only done a couple rides on the TriMoto, but it has been fun, exhausting, but fun.  I must say it is blast at the dunes.  Here’s some brief moments at Little Sahara, UT.

We plan on doing a Friday to Saturday ride and camp somewhere off the beaten path.  Trail this time will be as much of the Paiute ATV Trail as we can handle.. Can’t wait!!!



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