Our New Fuel Mules 3.0s are Live on eBay!

1 liter for Primus and Optimus and 1.5 liter for the Big Primus Bottles

Finally got the new design done and this is by far the easiest Fuel Mule yet. The clips make it so much easier to actually use the fuel when you need it and super easy to put it back in place when you are done.

Fuel Mule 3.0 for 1 liter Optimus and Primus Bottles for sale here on eBay!

Fuel Mule 3.0 for 1.5 liter Primus Bottles for sale here on eBay!

Here’s the 1 liter Primus bottle in the Fuel Mule on my 2019 Africa Twin

Any questions or want to buy a bunch for your rider group let me know!

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