Alaskan Epic Trekker in 6 Days!!!

It is getting close!  My brother is already starting to freak out.  This will be the most miles we have ever put on our bikes in one ride and the unknowns are many.  We are prepared, but not really.  We’ve done some reading and purchased what we think we need. This whole thing started lastContinue reading “Alaskan Epic Trekker in 6 Days!!!”

A Nice Little Trip on the NC700X to Notch Peak, UT the 2nd Highest Shear Cliff in the USA!

  What can I say about the NC700X after putting it through the paces for several hundred miles (and even some dirt)?  It is a pretty decent little bike.   It hung with an RS1200 for the weekend and took me everywhere I needed to be.  It got me 69 mpgs.  It has power whenContinue reading “A Nice Little Trip on the NC700X to Notch Peak, UT the 2nd Highest Shear Cliff in the USA!”

Said Goodbye to the CTX700 and Grom, but Hello to a 2013 Honda NC700X

Picked this up for a very fair price last week and have started modifying it for Alaska. It only has 3000 miles on it which for a 2013 seems very low.  I drove it home about 60 miles and have since put another 90 miles on it.  It runs great and the power is justContinue reading “Said Goodbye to the CTX700 and Grom, but Hello to a 2013 Honda NC700X”

It’s on! I Found my Alaska Steed!

One of my brothers just got amazing and unexpected spousal approval to do an Epic Trek to Alaska next year!  This is something we have talked about in day-dreamy ways for years.  The last frontier, moose, bear, trees and mountains, Alaska is everything we love and doing it on a motorcycle is in our opinionContinue reading “It’s on! I Found my Alaska Steed!”

My First Motorcycle Ride Ever!

Why do I love motorcycles (and ATVs) so much?  Recently I’ve thought a bit about this.  In the early eighties I became aware of and very lustful for Honda’s ATC three wheeler.  In particular at my young age I thought I could probably handle the ATC 90 or 125.  In small town Utah these ATC’sContinue reading “My First Motorcycle Ride Ever!”

Some Customer Pictures Start to Roll In!

So we have been selling the Fuel Mule and the Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain oilers for some time now (maybe 5 or 6 months) and we are pleased as can be that people seem to be very  happy with the products and their performance. My favorite story is from one of our first sales ofContinue reading “Some Customer Pictures Start to Roll In!”

Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People

I was thinking about how motorcycles are used in much of the world as a mainstay of transportation, both for individuals and products.  In the USA most motorcyclists use their motorcycles sparingly, like when the weather is good or maybe if there is a rally or ride.  Sure there are plenty of Americans that commuteContinue reading “Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People”