As a Grom Rider Should I Take Offense?

I came across a video today that really said some stuff about Grom riders.  It was after I had been communicating with a dude from Sydney, Australia.  This guy was getting ready to do an engine swap on his CT110 (or Postie bike in Aussie-ease) and had seen a couple of my amateur videos.  AnywayContinue reading “As a Grom Rider Should I Take Offense?”

Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People

I was thinking about how motorcycles are used in much of the world as a mainstay of transportation, both for individuals and products.  In the USA most motorcyclists use their motorcycles sparingly, like when the weather is good or maybe if there is a rally or ride.  Sure there are plenty of Americans that commuteContinue reading “Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People”

Thinking About Past Moto Rides

Commuting on a motorcycle is much different than touring.  I was thinking about people that ride their motorcycles less than a thousand miles a year, those that just tour occasionally and those that use a motorcycle as their main mode of transportation.  I’m not knocking on anyone that loves riding their cycle.  If you rideContinue reading “Thinking About Past Moto Rides”

Vintage CT110 s and Groms Team for an Epic Trek to Jackson Hole Wyoming  

Another great ride in the books.  The brothers pulled together for another Epic Trek, this time sharing part of the course with the Lotaja racers. The ride started Friday afternoon and would end with all of the party making it safely to their homes early Sunday evening. We climbed mountain passes, saw yaks, several reservoirs,Continue reading “Vintage CT110 s and Groms Team for an Epic Trek to Jackson Hole Wyoming  “

Here is what I’ve been up to

Upon further review after using the Cobrra Nemo 2 chain oiler for a while you can see how the oil makes it’s way through the chain from one side to the other.  This is why having an oiler can save your chain and sprockets from so much wear and tear. Photo’s from the 2015 HondaContinue reading “Here is what I’ve been up to”