How We Slept During Our 8 Day Alaska-Canada Motorcycle Trek

Sweet ride south to the Abbotsford BC / Sumas, WA border crossing, but it was peppered with rain.  No biggie, by this time we knew we could get through the rain and mists with the gear we had.  We were however getting weak about hotels. Basically if it rained and we were not dried offContinue reading “How We Slept During Our 8 Day Alaska-Canada Motorcycle Trek”

My First Motorcycle Ride Ever!

Why do I love motorcycles (and ATVs) so much?  Recently I’ve thought a bit about this.  In the early eighties I became aware of and very lustful for Honda’s ATC three wheeler.  In particular at my young age I thought I could probably handle the ATC 90 or 125.  In small town Utah these ATC’sContinue reading “My First Motorcycle Ride Ever!”