How We Slept During Our 8 Day Alaska-Canada Motorcycle Trek

Sweet ride south to the Abbotsford BC / Sumas, WA border crossing, but it was peppered with rain.  No biggie, by this time we knew we could get through the rain and mists with the gear we had.  We were however getting weak about hotels. Basically if it rained and we were not dried offContinue reading “How We Slept During Our 8 Day Alaska-Canada Motorcycle Trek”

Lessons Learned on our Trek to Alaska

Clothing: Gloves that say waterproof may not be. Boots that don’t specifically say they are waterproof should be oiled or proofed before your ride (wet feet stink, literally and figuratively). Quality wet-weather gear is must for Canada and Alaska.  It is worth the money! Bike: Tires don’t last as long as you think, especially ifContinue reading “Lessons Learned on our Trek to Alaska”

Shout out to Eye Candy Customs in Smithers, BC

Well dang-it-all sometimes you can’t have everything you want!  This trip to Alaska was friggin amazing, but not without adversity.  Heck, that’s part of why people ride motorcycles, right?  The challenge is part of the fun and the allure. After about only 4-5000 miles this darn back tire pooped out on my 2019 Honda AfricaContinue reading “Shout out to Eye Candy Customs in Smithers, BC”