Shout out to Eye Candy Customs in Smithers, BC

Well dang-it-all sometimes you can’t have everything you want!  This trip to Alaska was friggin amazing, but not without adversity.  Heck, that’s part of why people ride motorcycles, right?  The challenge is part of the fun and the allure. After about only 4-5000 miles this darn back tire pooped out on my 2019 Honda AfricaContinue reading “Shout out to Eye Candy Customs in Smithers, BC”

Over the Border and Through the Woods!

The day started late and since we had talked to a fellow rider that recommended Tim Hortons as the breakfast joint of Canada we decided to find out. The trip was worth it. Before we even got in the shop we witnessed a drug deal! But inside Tim Hortons the vibe was all family andContinue reading “Over the Border and Through the Woods!”