The Twins Wake Up Ready for More Road

What a ride so far! Saw three states in 590miles, amazing and roads, pretty good headwinds (that dropped MPGs to 31!) and a great camp spot. At $20 for a campsite this place on the Flathead reservation was amazing. This far north in Montana and it was light until we fell asleep after 11pm. TheContinue reading “The Twins Wake Up Ready for More Road”

T – 1 day till we ride to Alaska!

Fuel Mules? Check! Documents? Check! Lots of packing and preparation is done and the butterflies are fluttering in my gut. With all the different Epic Treks we have travelled this one is unique. Bigger bikes than ever, longer distance than ever and most days on the bike. If all goes as planned we will travelContinue reading “T – 1 day till we ride to Alaska!”

Food and Bikes!

Check this out on the Cooking Channel in a couple days!  This is Allan Karl, otherwise known as World Rider.  Allan is a serious motorcycle trekker, food aficionado and author! What’s even cooler is that he runs a Cobrra Nemo 2! Recently my guys at Cobrra headquarters reached out and let me know that Allan neededContinue reading “Food and Bikes!”

Thinking About Past Moto Rides

Commuting on a motorcycle is much different than touring.  I was thinking about people that ride their motorcycles less than a thousand miles a year, those that just tour occasionally and those that use a motorcycle as their main mode of transportation.  I’m not knocking on anyone that loves riding their cycle.  If you rideContinue reading “Thinking About Past Moto Rides”

Biggest News This Weekend

Recently we finally got listed on Cobrra’s website as official distributors!  We have been waiting a while to have that happen, so it feels really good. This weekend we got a little shop opened on Etsy.  Etsy is quick, user friendly and intuitive.  We will see if it gets any traction as we launch ourContinue reading “Biggest News This Weekend”