Scooter Lounge, Provo’s Best Scooter Shop

Dave, the owner of Scooter Lounge, is a very good friend of mine from my childhood.  He’s been selling all manner of scooters to Utah County riders for the past 20 years.  I would venture to say there are few people in the state that have as much experience with scoots than he does.  OnContinue reading “Scooter Lounge, Provo’s Best Scooter Shop”

Service at Moto Station in Murray  

Moto Station So, got off work early and started in south Draper working my way from one motorcycle service station to another and no one could fit me in immediately. Served me right for waiting this long to get these knobbies mounted, but I didn’t want to leave the bike and make my wife runContinue reading “Service at Moto Station in Murray  “

Remember the First Motorcycle You Rode?

My first motorcycle I believe was a 1981 Honda CB650, it was in poor condition and only ran for a couple weeks, but I’ll never forget those weeks. All that power just by a twisting you wrist!  What a feeling.  When the 650 broke down I got a dirt cheap 80s Honda Aero 80. RidingContinue reading “Remember the First Motorcycle You Rode?”