Mounting a Cobrra Nemo2 on the Africa Twin (we don’t have any left to sell)

We let the best damn chain oiler site lapse since we aren’t going to sell anymore Cobrra Nemo2s. Definitely a great product that we highly recommended.

Pony Express to Wendover!!!

It is time for another ride!  The time is flying past as we move so quickly into fall. With the Africa Twin at Honda for warranty work I missed out on almost 2.5months of quality ride time.  I was lucky to have the NC700X to keep me company, but it is so nice to have the Twin back!


Here’s roughly what we have planned for tomorrow morning. And now I can take the Africa since it is finally tagged!!

D planned this one as he was itching to ride  looks to be about 5.5hrs to Wendover   Then after dinner We will do our favorite hammocking on the Salt Fences.

Much like we did on this Grom trip to Wendover, just a different route and bigger bikes, much bigger!

stay tuned for an update!








Time for Another Adventure!

It has been awhile since we got back from Alaska/Canada and it is time for another Epic adventure.  This time we will be trekking on ancient ’80s machines.

Yamaha TriMoto 225DR

And this Honda Beauty:

There is something about it not really being adventure if you are in complete control of the situation and that is probably why we are doing this trek on 80’s three wheelers.

Truth be told my brother didn’t even want to ride his Honda ATC after the last day trip he did on it.  He said his back was sore for a week :).  (His ATC has no suspension in back and combined with the low handle bars equals a perfect storm)

So far I’ve only done a couple rides on the TriMoto, but it has been fun, exhausting, but fun.  I must say it is blast at the dunes.  Here’s some brief moments at Little Sahara, UT.

We plan on doing a Friday to Saturday ride and camp somewhere off the beaten path.  Trail this time will be as much of the Paiute ATV Trail as we can handle.. Can’t wait!!!



The Miraculous Meeting in Kitwanga, BC

Like finding a needle in a haystack we planned on trying to meet up with our other riding brothers (on a 30 day trip).  The odds of the timing working out for this kind of meeting were slim we knew, but we were going south on the Africa Twins and they were going north on the BMWs.  We were the first to arrive and we thought we were way too late to make it happen.


A gas station was our best bet at finding them.  As it happened we gassed up, moved our bikes to the shade took a look at the map and next thing we knew they were pulling up!


We chatted and planned to get dinner together, but no food was available for us.  After a good talk we watched the Beemers pull off and go north and with heavy heart we got ready for our journey south.

What a ride!

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