Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People

I was thinking about how motorcycles are used in much of the world as a mainstay of transportation, both for individuals and products.  In the USA most motorcyclists use their motorcycles sparingly, like when the weather is good or maybe if there is a rally or ride.  Sure there are plenty of Americans that commuteContinue reading “Motorcycle Transportation for Multiple People”

Here is what I’ve been up to

Upon further review after using the Cobrra Nemo 2 chain oiler for a while you can see how the oil makes it’s way through the chain from one side to the other.  This is why having an oiler can save your chain and sprockets from so much wear and tear. Photo’s from the 2015 HondaContinue reading “Here is what I’ve been up to”

Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler Installed on CTX700N  

Seriously, I love these chain oilers! Both of my brothers want their own NEMO 2s and I have a couple more bikes that I want to add them to, that’s how good these are.  If you want one shoot me a note and I’ll get you free shipping and in no time you will runningContinue reading “Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler Installed on CTX700N  “

1350 Miles Back on the 2015 Honda CTX700N  

Spent my Thursday flying to Dallas-Fort Worth and then to Springfield Missouri.  Everything went as planned down to the Lyft ride.  I arrived at Honda of the Ozarks by like 2 pm and walked the showroom enjoying the beautiful bikes and waiting for my salesman to be ready.   The place was pretty busy forContinue reading “1350 Miles Back on the 2015 Honda CTX700N  “